Kitten Rescue

SNIP rescues, rehabilitates and re-homes unwanted kittens, and provides de-sexing at a reduced cost.

This not-for-profit organization was founded by Zarli Kew, head nurse at our Pet Medical Muswellbrook clinic and endorsed by Pet Medical.

The Pet Medical team looks after the kittens and older cats at their personal homes, providing them with vital socialisation to make them suitable family pets. We also home a lot of barn/farm cats once desexed, that would otherwise be left to breed. 

If you are interested in one of our SNIP Rescue Kittens or know someone who might be, please follow our facebook page or contact the Pet Medical Muswellbrook clinic on 02 6541 1555.

Lovely Lara is a 9 week old girl and would love to find her place in the world. Lara is very sweet with a playful nature. She loves other cats and is quite bonded to her sister Jane (hint,hint maybe you need two). Lara may take a few days to open up as she was a bit timid when she arrived but will make a lovely addition to the family. Give us call if you would like to meet Lara.


Kitten of the week is fabulous Fletcher. Very affectionate, bomb proof, super confident and social, loves kids, loves snuggles and is good with dogs and other cats. A very chilled little guy.

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