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18/11/2019 0

Although well-loved and important members of farming households, working dogs aren’t quite as pampered as some of our clients’ pooches. In particular, farm dogs often miss out on regular flea control, which is awfully uncomfortable for them. With this in mind, we have teamed up with Rural Aid, one of the largest charities helping Aussie farmers and Bravecto Spot-On to launch a new initiative called ‘Help a Kelpie, Help a Farmer’.

How does it work?

Under our Help a Kelpie Help a Farmer program, which will run until the end of November, if you buy a Bravecto Spot-On treatment for your own dog, we will donate the equivalent product to Rural Aid. Rural Aid will then distribute the treatments to farm dogs who might otherwise miss out.

Of course, if you wish to purchase additional flea treatments for us to send to farmers via Rural Aid, they’ll be more than welcome!

Flea season is upon us, so we need your help now

In coming up with the idea, we carefully considered where we might be able to provide help that will really make a difference. It dawned on us when we did our recent vaccination runs to rural properties, one of the first things to go by the wayside when farmers are struggling in drought conditions is flea control. We know firsthand this is a real problem, especially as we head into flea season where the necessity for flea control from the dog’s perspective is huge. Life is miserable if you are covered in fleas!

When it comes to fleas, the biggest problem is the environment. If a farmer misses a season of flea control, each flea on a dog leaves about 50 eggs a day. These eggs will most likely fall down where the dog likes to lie and sleep, and you can only imagine the number of fleas that will hatch! Accordingly, by having a product that lasts for six months, you are stopping the flea life cycle and the environmental contamination that comes with it, and at the same time making life so much more pleasant for a hardworking dog.

Why we are using Bravecto Spot-On

When deciding to donate a flea product, we chose Bravecto Spot-On because it lasts for a whole six months. If you purchase one for your pup now, you will be providing protection not only for your own dog but a farm dog across the whole of summer. Happily, Bravecto have jumped on board to support this idea.

We need to get on to flea control now

While fleas and ticks are problematic in Australia all year round, they peak in the warmer months – particularly in January and February. So, with flea season just around the corner, spring is absolutely the time to start thinking about providing protection for your own animals. Plus, while stocking up on flea products, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are extending some much needed flea relief to a farm dog.

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