Dr Ingrid Walker BVSc DipArts (Fine Arts), LTCL, AMusA, CELTA

21/09/2018 0

Dr Ingrid Walker has just joined the team at Pet Medical in our Milsons Point clinic and is very much looking forward to getting to know you and your pets.  

In fact, treating family pets is one of the things Ingrid loves most about veterinary practice.   A special interest in veterinary dermatology could have taken her down a path away from day to day contact with pets and their families but instead she chose not to, as she would miss that aspect of veterinary life too much. 

The relationship between skin and gut conditions fascinates Ingrid, which is connected with her other interests in dentistry and internal medicine. 

Ingrid grew up in Sydney with brothers, music in the family and a million pets.   Her first pet, Kraus was a miniature schnauzer named after a famous pianist.  As a child, “I loved her so much, I think I stopped breathing when she gave birth to her pups and then I’d start breathing again when I knew she was alright.” 

And she now has two dogs.  Zola is another miniature schnauzer, named by Ingrid’s daughter after composer Piazzolla.  And Banana is a Zola’s son, a schnauzer cross. 

Her two loves in life (aside from her gorgeous family), have been and always will be, music and animals.  She loves the recorder and has also played the piano and oboe.  She did her AMusA in piano at a very young age of 15.   When she was sitting her LTCL recorder exams, she knew she didn’t want to make a career out of music. She loved it too much for it to become work. 

Ingrid had always loved animals and had a fascination and aptitude for science.  At age 16, she said to her dad, “I want to be a vet”.  And a vet she became.   

There is a common thread of non-verbal communication between music and animals. 

“I have drawn so much happiness from caring for and treating animals.  But I don’t think I’d be the same vet without my musical training.  It has taught me patience and an ability to accumulate knowledge, experience and trust over time.” 

Having run her own veterinary hospital for 15 years, we asked Ingrid her thoughts on what makes a good veterinary clinic.  Her reply, “Good medicine makes a really good business.”  She also believes that happy vets need a good sense of humour.  This is something that she shares with Dr Peta Gay Railton and Dr Cate Plummer, the clinic vets and founders.  And they all look forward to practising good veterinary medicine and sharing laughs over time. 

We’re also looking forward to finding out what music Ingrid plays to soothe pets coming in for visits… 

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