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Dr Peta Gay Railton

Peta Gay Railton graduated from the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, University of Edinburgh in 1993. Following a year of mixed practice in the UK, Peta Gay returned to her native country of Jamaica to practice as a small animal veterinarian for the charity JSPCA. Since immigrating to Australia in 1998, Peta Gay has worked in rural practice in Victoria and NSW with a keen interest and further studies in surgery.

Peta Gay has been passionate about animals from a young age, and cherishes the trust that comes with taking the time and effort to make friends with her patients. Her aim is to ensure all of her patients and their owners enjoy coming to the vets.

Peta Gay lives between Scone and Kirribilli with her husband, David, her two daughters, Aisling and Isla, and her whippet, Maude.

Dr Peta Gay Railton


Pet Medical is the culmination of almost 25 years of experience in veterinary services, and my vision to create an excellent service for our clients and patients. Pictured is Maudey, my Whippet.

Dr Rachel Nugent


Rachel graduated from Bristol University in 1999. She is an avid cat lover, having completed her post graduate foundation course in feline medicine in 2014. Rachel has also completed continuing education courses in emergency care, animal behaviour, and cardiology.

Dr Melanie Prunster


Melanie graduated from Charles Sturt University in 2016. She is passionate about behavioural medicine and is currently completing her post graduate foundation course in animal behaviour. Mel particularly enjoys ensuring her clients and their owners develop and maintain and relaxed relationship. This is Milly.

Dr Chelsea Whytcross


Chelsea graduated from James Cook University in 2012. She enjoys all aspects of small animal veterinary medicine and is passionate about providing a high level of service to our clients. Chelsea is also a part of our Management Team. Chelsea is pictured with Rosie.

Lisa Harris


Lisa runs our Denman Clinic and enjoys developing long-standing relationships with the local pets and their owners. She is pictured with her spoilt cat, Shelly.



We are accredited as a ‘Low Stress Handling’ clinic, meaning we have the skills to handle your pets in a caring and calm manner that will dramatically decrease their stress levels. Book in for a visit and experience the difference. We are also happy to make house visits, just ask.


We are a Silver Level Accredited Cat Friendly Clinic (International Society of Feline Medicine), and are passionate about improving the standard of care for our feline friends. We offer a cat-friendly waiting room and a stress-free, comfortable stay.


Did you know that dental disease affects the lives of 80% of animals aged over 5 years? We have the skills and equipment to perform comprehensive dental examinations on our patients to detect and prevent dental disease and related issues.


Pet Medical boarding is your pet’s home away from home. With brand new boarding facilities now in use, your pets will be treated to a luxurious stay and will receive plenty of TLC from our experienced veterinary staff. We also cater to older pets and patients on medication. Call 02 6541 1555 to find out more.


Pet Medical promotes the Australian Veterinary Association’s PetPEP (Pets and People Education Program) by offering a free educational service to all schools. The program teaches children and the community about responsible pet ownership, animal welfare and safety. We see around 500 kids per year.


SNIP is a not-for-profit organisation that rescues and rehomes unwanted kittens and provides desexing surgery at a reduced cost. The program has rehomed over 500 kittens, all of which are fully vet-checked, vaccinated, micro-chipped, de-sexed and worm and flea treated.


Is your pet taking a holiday abroad? Call Pet Medical for the preparation and inspection of your companion animal for foreign travel.


We offer puppy preschool and adult dog obedience classes at our Muswellbrook and Scone clinics. Our instructors were trained by the renowned dog training experts, Steve and Vicki Austin, and have been rated 10/10 in 90% of our customer surveys. Sit, fetch and stay has never been more fun!


Have you ever wanted to know more about your pet, what makes them tick and why they behave the way they do? Or how to administer first aid in emergency situations?

Our brand new blog is here to answer your questions and give you greater insight into your pet’s behavior. Through monthly postings, we want to share our knowledge so you and your pet can have an enriching relationship. We’ll also provide you with information concerning hospital visits, and show you how we deliver state-of-the-art medical care and attentive personal service.

There’s so much we’d love to share with you, so we hope you will check out our blog regularly and post comments with your feedback (or questions!). If you have any specific questions or topics you’d like us to cover, please let us know.

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