Why whippets are the best pets for seniors

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It can get pretty lonely once the children grow up and many of us empty nesters rely heavily on our pets for company. But we don’t want to replace the children. The best pets for seniors are easy to care for and good company.

Many of us lead pretty busy lives too. Once those children have left we seem to overfill our time. In my adult life I have owned a labrador, a Jack Russell terrier, two border terriers, a kelpie and, now, a whippet called Maude. Of all of them, the whippet is by far the least time consuming and easiest of the lot. 

Our Maude is certainly centre stage for my husband and I. She enjoys fancy food. She has a wardrobe of outfits and owns several special blankets that are superior to our own bedcovers.

Most whippets are not very academic, and, although graceful and regal, are not ‘fluffy-wuffy’ cute. They are a bit shy and nervous and not generally great pets for children as they do not appreciate anything but the gentlest care. What they are, though, is adoring with simple requirements. 

Why whippets are the best pets for seniors

Although built to run, whippets do not need a lot of exercise. They love to sleep. I have never seen a breed that can sleep so effortlessly. Maude does not get out of bed until after 8am at the earliest. And even then, she only makes her way from the bed to the sofa for another nap. 

She is content with 10 minutes of exercise before curling up for her midmorning sunning session which may last until 3pm. A bit of a potter around the garden and 10 minutes of tennis ball and it’s time for onesies and bed!

What I love about whippets

Whippets are very gentle. They are unlikely to jump on you or be rough, demanding or in your personal space. They don’t pull on the lead as they are never in a rush to go anywhere (they do their zoomies off the lead). 

They are content simply to be near to you.  They are unlikely to knock you over with an overzealous greeting, which a bonus if you are elderly. Although they could trip you up if they are in a clingy mood.

Whippets love company. It’s what matters to them most so they are great company if you are home a lot. They don’t tend to suffer from separation anxiety, though, and can manage the day on their own quite well if you have to head out for work. 

They are easy care, hardly shed any hair and they don’t tend to roll in smelly things. That would be way too doggy and disgusting. They are not particularly greedy, so you can actually leave food out and they will snack—not gobble it down in one. They are not noisy barky dogs either.

In short if you want a great, not too smart, easy care companion, you can’t go past this breed. They are without a doubt the best pets for seniors.


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