We Love Cats

Pet Medical is going CAT CRAZY!

We are extremely proud to announce that we are now a Silver Level Accredited Cat Friendly Clinic, authorised by the International Society of Feline Medicine. Every team member at Pet Medical is passionate about improving the standard of care for our feline friends and this starts from our CAT-FRIENDLY WAITING ROOM to a stress-free and comfortable hospital/boarding stay.

This Accreditation also means that our team knows how to be gentle, caring and truly understanding to your cats’ needs. This involves getting ready to bring your cat to the vet and also handling of your furry friend during the consultation.

For any questions or queries we have allocated CAT ADVOCATES. Please do not hesitate to call us as we welcome the opportunity to raise the standard of healthcare for both you and your cat.

“There is incidentally, no way of talking about cats that enables one to come off as a sane person” – Dan Greenberg

“Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea” – Robert A. Heinlein

“In a cat’s eye, all things belong to cats.” – English Proverb


  • I live here and my pet parents preFURR me to most other people
  • If you don’t want CAT hair on you don’t sit on my FURniture
  • The bed has human heaters on it at night and is therefore the best place to sleep. Human heaters SHOULD NOT move
  • I will sit on you if you don’t like cats as you don’t have enough FUR in your life and I need to change that
  • Rugs are there to make FURball deposits easy, and loCATed exaCATly where bare feet will tread
  • If you need to throw up find a chair. If not possible a thick rug will suffice. Then walk backwards through it to spread your gift
  • Always accompany humans to the bathroom, you don’t need to anything. Just sit and stare
  • Always HELP your human by staying VERY close (especially if they are busy!)
  • You are more important than any book/paperwork/computer work, demonstrate this by laying across it. Cover as much as you can
  • Improve your humans co-ordination by darting across in front of them as they are coming down the stairs
  • Bed mice are the hardest to catch, only a FEROCIUS attack will suffice. Do not be fooled, they are not your humans feet
  • I AM watching you, and I understand you, I just ignore you unless you open the fridge or do something else CAT-useful


Six basic causes of House-soiling:

  1. Cats are naturally very clean animals, and therefore need adequate unsoiled locations to eliminate, especially in a multi-cat household. Rule of thumb; 1x litter tray for every cat in the house plus an extra one.
  2. Some cats may avoid using a litter box if it is somewhere that is generally very busy or a high traffic area.
  3. The presence of very dominant cats in a multi-cat household may cause less dominant ones to find somewhere else to go.
  4. Any kind of negative experience that has happened once before near a littler tray.
  5. Stressful situations in general in the household, moving, construction, new pet/baby etc.
  6. A litter tray that is too small or has too little amount of litter in it. Most cats prefer deep unscented litter and a box with walls but not necessarily a roof. They should be able to turn around in the tray without any part of their back end hanging out over the edges.
  7. A litter tray that has been moved around too many times so they cannot get used to the location it is in. This is very important when training kittens, you must pick a good spot and keep it there.

How to wash your cat: (if you are brave) always use a cat friendly shampoo such as Aloveen or Dermacare Natural Shampoo as cat skin is very different to ours. If it’s an emergency and you don’t have any cat shampoo, Baby Shampoo No Tears is fine but it will just take them longer to dry.

There are 5 MAIN SECRETS  – Use VERY WARM water (hand hot) – DO NOT RAIN on the cat instead use a jug of water with a bit of shampoo in it already to dampen the coat and cut through the oils on the coat, or hold the shower spray close to the skin/coat, especially when rinsing – DO NOT let the water come up over their feet, always have the plug out and use a non-slip mat or towel for them to stand on – YOU WILL NEED A HELPER! to push and hold the cat firmly down, one hand over the scruff of neck shoulder area and the other hand over the back end, base of tail, (if they get up onto their back legs, you’ve lost them!) -You only need to towel dry them as they will lick themselves afterwards and dry really fast even if it is a cool day.

If you are allergic to cats, the feline allergen is on their coat and is water soluble, so can be washed away with rinsing or bathing. Even wiping them down with a damp cloth can help to wash this away and act as a “quick” clean between baths.