School Visits

PET MEDICAL offers a free educational service to all schools, promoting the Australian Veterinary Association’s PetPEP (Pets and People Education Program).

Aimed at both adults and children, PetPEP teaches the community about:

  • Responsible pet ownership
  • Safety around animals
  • Healthy living for pets and people
  • Welfare of animals
  • Animals in the community

Our program is run by Kelly O’Meara who holds a Diploma in Early Childhood. Along with her Pug “Dudley” and, sometimes, “Pete,” her New Zealand rabbit, she will teach the kids about the importance of caring for their pets.

Each participating child will receive a small show bag containing the AVA PetPEP activity booklet along with goodies for their pets.

To book a school visit please call Pet Medical: 6541 1555

Kelly O’Meara and her pug "Dudley"
Kelly O’Meara and her pug "Dudley"