Meet the Team

Dr Peta Gay Railton, BVM&S, MRCVS with her adored Louise

Senior Veterinarian

Welcome to our dedicated Pet Medical team.

Eight years ago, after 15 years in small animal practice, I felt compelled to raise the bar in the care of both our clients and their pets. I felt we could do so much more, both in service to our customers and to relax our patients, to create an amazing experience for both clients and their animal families.  These days I see so many more waggy tails and purring faces and there is nothing more rewarding for us than a smiling client with a pet who is overjoyed to see its Pet Medical friends.


Dr Rachel Nugent MRCVS BVSc


I knew I wanted to be a vet by the age of 13 when I started helping a family friends out on their farm calls. My parents were relieved as they had had to put up with millions of pets such as dollies, ponies, dogs, cats rabbits and guinea pigs not to mention hamster breeding and a catch and release program for frog spawn.

The pet count is currently 2 dogs, 2 cats, 5 chickens (all named), 13 sheep, bobby and Zara’s Shetland Mindy. Lastly 2 goldfish.

Dr April Brenan BVSc (Hons)


I’m April and this is my top dog Bella.

I graduated from the University of Queensland in 2008 and have worked in mixed animal practice and small animal practice before moving to Scone and joining Pet Medical in 2011.

I love the challenges and surprises of being a vet and having no two days ever be the same! I am very proud of the high level of love and care that we provide and our excellent standards of medicine and surgery at Pet Medical. We are always striving to perform better  and learn more to keep our patients happy and healthy.

In our house we have 3 dogs, 1 cat, 4 horses, 13 chickens and 3 humans.

Dr Rebecca Carter BVSc


Currently on Maternity Leave. 

My name is Bec, and I have been part of this great team since 2012.

I always knew that I wanted to be a vet, as a child I wanted to be able to care for my special doggy and horse friends as well as ‘MooMoo’ my calf.

I love that I get to work with such great patients every day, and that no two days are the same. Working at Pet Medical I am excited to be part of such a fun, motivated team. I love that the practice is able to offer such high standards in both surgical and medical care. At Pet Medical I am able to further develop my particular interests in dentistry and ophthalmology as well as helping the team care for and run our kitten charity program, finding ‘forever homes’ for some very special kittens!

Dr Fiona Giblin BVSc Hons


My name is Fiona and I have been a vet for 10 years, with the past 7 being spent at Pet Medical. This practice has gone from strength to strength over the years, and we are all incredibly proud of what an amazing practice we have created. We really, really do care about your pets.

When I’m not at work I’m looking after our young family, including Gus the Border Terrier, who is affectionately described as Houdini with ADHD.

Dr Chelsea Whytcross BVSc


Hi I’m Chelsea and this is my very special girl Rosie. She’s very loyal and loves to be by my side every step of the day.

I have always wanted to be a vet, growing up around my grandparents property, riding horses and working cattle. I graduated from James Cook University in 2012 and have been practicing in mixed practice for the past 3 years. I have since moved further south to join the Pet Medical team to focus on what I love, and that’s small animals.

In my spare time you will find me riding my horse preparing for the Polocrosse season. What I enjoy most about Polocrosse is the company and all the stories told whilst sitting around the campfire.

Dr Melanie Prunster BVetBiol/BVSc


Hi I’m Mel and this is one of the members of my furr family, Milly.

I’ve recently joined the Pet Medical team after graduating from Charles Sturt University in 2016. My passions are working with small animals, studying animal behaviour and helping pets and their owners have the best relationship possible.

In my spare time, I’m a keen musician and singer and can often be found out walking my dogs or hanging out with my super smart, cheeky cat.

Bec Ryan BVetBiol/BVSc (Hons)


Hi, my name is Bec and I am so excited to be one of the newer additions to the Pet Medical family. Growing up around cats, horses and dogs, I have been on the path to becoming a vet since primary school and finally achieved that goal last year when I graduated from Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga. After spending a while in equine practice, locuming in Sydney and doing some work in small animal emergency and critical care, I am very happy to be joining such a talented and caring team at Pet Medical. I love getting to know our wonderful clients and their critters!

When I’m not working I am riding my horses or hanging out my own motley cast of critters, our cat Millie, our dogs Alarna and Poppy and our two pet rats, Rafiki and Zazu

Kat Loring


My name is Kat and I am proud to be one of the newest members of the Pet Medical family. I am freshly graduated from Charles Sturt University in Wagga where I have been studying since 2010. I love all animals, but my real passion is for exotic pets like rabbits, rats, guinea pigs, reptiles and most importantly birds!

I live in Muswellbrook with my partner and our two cats, Chilli and Carter, our sighthound cross, Harry, and our cockateil Avocado.

Lisa Taylor

Pet Medical Supervisor

My name is Lisa and this is my loving friend Indy. I love the warmth and love that animals can bring in to the hearts and lives of all around them.

I became a qualified nurse and 2003 and joined the Pet Medical team in 2012, I love my role as supervisor as I get to support my team in all aspects of our practice and together we make a very special place to work.

In my spare time I try and go camping with my family as much as possible, we love fishing, kayaking and melting marshmallows in the fire.

Kelly O’Meara

Public Relations

Hi I’m Kelly and this is my mate Dudley who I adore.

I just love, love, love cats. At my house we have 4 cats, 4 dogs, 1 New Zealand meat rabbit and 8 lovely hens that give us yummy eggs.

At Pet Medical my job is to do all the pet parades, information evenings and school visits, it’s a fun job and wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Zarli Kew

Head Nurse

Hi I am Zarli and this is my buddy “Banjo”. I am Head Nurse at Pet Medical and I have been here since 2012. I first started nursing in 2001 in Canberra and have loved every day.

Banjo loves to run, swim and play ball, he is the clown of our family and he brightens my day. He does the best puppy eyes I’ve ever seen.

Lisa Harris


I’m Lisa and this is my very spoilt cat Shelly. Shelly became a member of my family due to being a last member of a litter of stray kittens bought into Pet Medical. She has fitted in extremely well and enjoys being around our 2 labrador dogs Cooper and Tilly, along with my Budgie Leroy, 6 chooks and some fish.

I have been nursing with Pet Medical for the past 16 years and enjoy every aspect of my role. The special bond that I share with clients and patients is a definite highlight. I am extremely proud to be a team member of Pet Medical.

Rebecca Kiem


Hi my name is Bec and I have been working as a qualified certificate 4 vet nurse for pet medical since 2008. I love every aspect of my job here, especially seeing the wonderful relationship people have with their animals. At home I have 2 young boys, they keep me on my toes! We also have 2 dogs “Ollie” and”Layla” and a cat called “Tom” he generally likes to think of himself as a dog, 1 fish “fang” and lastly 2 guinea pigs “nibble”and “tony” (short for “fat tony”).

The most exciting part of my job is that I get to teach the puppy preschool classes in Muswellbrook and Scone. Dog behaviour and training is something I am very passionate about. I love meeting new people within the class and getting to know their puppies. Every puppy is an individual and should be treated as one. It is very rewarding to see the improvements in their behaviour during the class and I hope that all the owners come out with a more thorough knowledge of dog behaviour, “what is normal”  and how to help make a more harmonious household.

Puppies are a clean slate, they are a chance for us to get it right. I love working for Pet Medical.

Eloise Wright


Hi, I’m Eloise and this is my main man JD. JD is a German coolie cross with golden retriever and was a rescue from an unwanted litter. He’s a big energized smoocher and brings me great joy.

I am interested in aspects of medical nursing, feline behaviour and their care in hospital, as well as physio and rehabilitation after major surgeries or trauma’s.

I’ve been working at Pet Medical since graduating my nursing course in 2012, and love the relationships I have made with many of our clients and their pets.

Kylie Ross


Hi my name is Kylie & these are my beloved pets Wilson & Chica. Chica is the naughtiest & most mischievous dog I have ever had whilst Wilson is the perfect furry child.

I also have 3 rescue cats, Jasper, Pickle & Flirt who are extremely different in personality. I have been working as a Vet Nurse since 2010 & get so much joy & satisfaction from my job.

I qualified as a low stress handler in 2015.

Recently my focus has been on physiotherapy and rehabilitation for patients who may have had surgery, become injured or are elderly.

Tiffany Bannister


Hi my name is Tiffany & this is my friend Jos. What I love most about Jos is her beautiful nature & the way she interacts with my daughter.

Also at home we have another dog Duke, Smokey the cat & Gizmo the Quaker parrot. I am the Receptionist for Pet Medical Muswellbrook and I became a qualified Vet Nurse at the end of 2014. I look forward to expanding my skill set gaining as much knowledge as possible.

Emma Hodge


Hi, my name Emma, and this is my special dog Delta. She just wants to be best friends with everybody! I have been part of the Pet Medical team for just over three years.

I gained my certificate in Veterinary Nursing in 2014 and qualified as a ‘Low Stress Handler’ in 2015. This year, I look forward to focusing on animal behaviour and training.

Courtney Price


Currently on Maternity Leave. 

Hi my name is Courtney and I have been at Pet Medical since 2014.

At the end of 2015 I finished my studies and qualified as a veterinary nurse.
At Pet Medical you will find me taking care of boarders, looking after patients and grooming dogs.

I am very passionate in volunteering my time to our snip program. I find this work to be very rewarding as it helps to fulfill my drive to care and protect animals as a veterinarian nurse.



Hi my name is Bonnie. I completed my certificate in veterinary nursing in 2014.

I love being a vet nurse, I find it both fulfilling and rewarding. I love meeting all the amazing animals and clients that come into the clinic.
At home I have four furr babies. I have two dogs Alvin and Lucy and two cats Hallie and Sir SmushBall.

India Rose Layburn

Trainee Nurse

Hi, I’m Indy and this is my goofball Arya. Arya is a Rottweiler but I also have a Husky cross called Lilo. Both are rescue dogs that were abandoned as puppies.

I have always loved animals and have been with Pet Medical as a trainee nurse for over a year now, since moving from the UK. Prior to working at Pet Medical, I worked at Zoo and Wildlife Parks in England.

My favourite part about working at Pet Medical is getting to know clients and their furbabies. I also love to learn and am looking forward to expanding my vet nurse knowledge, particular in areas such as dog behavior and pet grooming.

Melanie Parker

Trainee Receptionist

Hi, my name is Melanie and I am a trainee receptionist here at Pet Medical. I am currently doing my Certificate IV in Business Administration. Working at Pet Medical is like having the best of both worlds, I am furthering my education doing a subject that I have always wanted to do and also get to see and play with lots of beautiful puppies and kittens. My hobbies are taking a million photos of my two beautiful pet cats and making memories with friends.

Chloe Dever

Trainee Nurse

Hi, my name is Chloe and I am completing a 3 year Veterinary Nurse traineeship at Pet Medical. I look after our boarders and love spending time playing and bonding with each animal I care for.

I also enjoy art, horse riding, spending time with my family and friends, and hanging out with my American Staffy, Duke.