Puppy & Dog Training


“Without a thorough knowledge of how the dog thinks and why he does what he does, owners may actually create more behaviour problems than they solve. Our education is scientifically based and rewards positive behaviour while blocking negative behaviour.”

Puppy classes are run at our Muswellbrook and Scone clinics by two of our senior nurses, Rebecca and Emma. Rebecca has been working for Pet Medical and with dogs for 10 years and has been running our puppy class since June 2016. Emma has been with us for 5 years and after completing her Low Stress Animal Handling course and dog training day with Steve Austin she took a real interest in our puppy training. Since Emma started her puppy classes at the end of 2016, we have added an extra class on Wednesday to help fit all the puppies in.

Your puppy will develop obedience, socialise with other dogs and be mentally and physically stimulated in our classes. You will learn how to communicate with your puppy to ensure you both develop a happy, healthy and enduring relationship.

Puppy class sessions:

  • Muswellbrook: Monday 5-6 pm
  • Muswellbrook: Wednesday 5:30-6:30 pm
  • Scone: Friday 5-6 pm

To book in please call the clinic.

We also run one on one Adult Dog Obedience classes at our Muswellbrook clinic. To book in please call the clinic.


“Overall it was fantastic interaction for our puppy with not only other puppies but taking commands from other people. 9/10.”

“It helped us raise a better mannered and controlled pup. 10/10”

Puppy Preschool Graduate "Pretzel"
Puppy Preschool Graduate "Pretzel"

Puppy Preschool Photography

We would like to welcome Bec Mussett to the team at Pet Medical. You will find her at puppy preschool taking professional photos for your furbaby. All photos can be purchased from Bec and her contact details are found below.

Here is a little about Bec:

I am that crazy person who didn’t listen when they told you not to work with animals. By day and by night, I
am a Vet Nurse, (thanks shift work). When I’m not looking after your beloved animals, I am photographing them. I fell in love with pet photography when I met my beautiful little puppy Henry, who is now not so little weighing in at an adorable 43kg. That is 43kg of love, cuddles, slobber and whatever he has rolled in that morning. Yuck. I’ve been photographing Pet Medical Puppy Preschool for 6 months now and have had the pleasure of meeting so many pups, of all breeds and their humans. Make sure you come and say hello and get a photo if you see me a puppy preschool. 

Bec Mussett