Dental X-Ray

Pet Medical now offers Dental X-Ray Imaging for your pet.

We have recently purchased a new Dental X-Ray machine and processing unit which allows us to perform a more comprehensive and thorough examination of patients in need of a dental procedure.

60% of teeth that are diseased are not visible during a regular dental examination. While teeth may appear to be healthy, disease can be hidden from view above the gum line. Abscesses formed in the gum due to disease will not only breakdown the ligaments connecting the tooth to the bone, but will eventually dissolve the bone in the mouth. This bacteria can then spread through the blood stream to other organs, primarily the heart, liver and kidneys.

Dental Imaging allows us to accurately detect hidden dental diseases and treat them appropriately, which may involve complete tooth removal. Identification of all disease to teeth at the time of examination is a cost effective measure allowing us to treat all potential problems early.

All of our Veterinarians and Nurses have been trained to use our new Dental X-Ray machine.

This service is only available at our Muswellbrook branch.