About Us

At Pet Medical our mission is simple: to provide state-of-the-art medical care for the pets of the Upper Hunter and to make every trip to our hospitals an enjoyable experience for every pet and pet owner.

It is all about caring. As medical professionals we care deeply about our level of training and about successful outcomes.

As human beings, we are committed to helping and we are truly grateful for the trust and loyalty of each of our clients. We care deeply about our neighbours and are also committed to the constant growth and renewal of the Upper Hunter.

Pet Medical actively promotes organisations and activities that improve the well being and lifestyle of pets and their owners.

We support:

Herd2 Homes dog rescue       Huter Animal Rescue

Low Stress Team
Pet Medicals' accredited low stress handlers

“We took our two dogs, Heidi and Beau, in today for their annual vaccinations. They have boarded with pet medical in the past but this was their first official checkup since we’ve moved to Muswellbrook. I have to say it was by far the best experience all of us (humans included) have had at any vets and we’ve always thought highly of all vets we’ve attended. I didn’t get the name of the lovely veterinarian that looked after our two kids but she was incredible. Easily the best vet we’ve ever been too. She didn’t rush us or our dogs, preferring to make sure our dogs were as relaxed and stress free as possible before she did her job. She was incredibly passionate about her job and it was so easy to see that our animals and their comfort was her top priority. I’m pretty sure our dogs consumed all of the liver treats and Heidi tried to eat the spoon that went with the cream cheese treat but all in all it was a very great experience. It is the first time our dogs have been off leash at a veterinary clinic and the first time they were made to feel so comfortable and at home. It was a truly positive experience. Thank you Pet Medical. 5 stars.”

Dog Agility
Pet Medical is a founding member of the recently formed Upper Hunter Dog Agility Club promoting the mental and physical health of dogs and owners.Read More »
Snips mall
Pet Medical has also founded SNIP
(Spay-Neuter for Income Qualified Pets)
a non-profit organisation that provides desexing surgeries at a reduced cost for dogs and cats whose owners could not otherwise afford the surgeries.Read More »
Angel Fund
Pet Medical also administers The Angel Fund that pays all or part of the medical expenses for pets of the financially challenged when funds are available. Donations are welcomed.Read More »